The State Theatre in Portland has been closed since 2006, but may now be opening soon. Two Northeast music promoters have announced plans to reopen the facility later this year.

Portland State TheatreAccording to reports by the Portland Press Herald, two groups have signed a long-term lease with the theatre’s owner, Stone Coast Properties. The Bowery Presents, a New York-based music company, and Higher Ground Presents, a music promotion firm and concert venue in South Burlington, Vt., will operate the State Theatre as equal partners.

Although the theatre has been closed for several years, Stone Coast has spent $700,000 to renovate the property.  Capacity is expected to be around 1,450.

Lauren Wayne, previously with the Boston office of Live Nation, will take over as General Manager.  In this role she will be responsible for booking and promotion of all concerts at the State Theatre, as well as concerts at the smaller Port City Music Hall on Congress St.

For more information, visit the complete story at the Portland Press Herald.