Did you know that The National Register of Historic Places has only been in existence since 1966?  It is the official list of cultural resources considered worthy of preservation and its purpose is to help identify, evaluate, and protect the country’s historic and archeological resources.

Both public and private properties are included, and the criterion to be selected is rigorous. It includes districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture.

Historic Properties in Maine

At last count there are 1,519 such places in Maine that appear in the registry, with the Cumberland County having the most at 221.  A complete list is available at the Registry’s website.

Of course, not all historic homes are part of this distinguished list.  Many older homes, especially in New England, are restored to their former glory – or updated to include modern conveniences, yet still preserve the design features of their original construction.

433 Meadow Drive in Topsham is just such a property.  Originally built circa 1870 this unique home combines historic charm and modern living.

Located on nearly 20 acres of land, including marshland with access to the Cathance River and Bradley Pond, this property is perfect for 0utdoor enthusiasts and those who are seeking a link to both the past and the present.  For more on this property, visit Topsham real estate.