Over the years Portland has earned many national awards and accolades as a great place to live.  Some are pretty respectable – like the nod from Forbes Magazine about one year ago.  Others, as you would expect, are a bit sketchy or hokey.

Best Outdoor City in the EastThat being said, Portland Maine was honored by Outside Magazine as being named in their Top 25 Dream Towns, published in August 2010.

In fact, we were considered the “Best in the East” and beat out Chattanooga, TN for the top spot.

As you look through the results the categories, not surprisingly, focus on outdoor activities.  If you visit the website and read the comments, you might find some of them a bit amusing, especially how Portland is sometimes viewed by others around the county.

According to the selection criteria, although the quality of the sporting life was an important factor, it wasn’t the only one.

To make the list, a town had to exhibit a balance among cultural activities, a steady business climate and a consistent housing market.