As part of last Friday’s Art Walk we were invited to the Addison Woolley Gallery to view the first significant showing of works by the artist Robert Nason. The interesting thing is that Mr. Nason is actually 80 years old and has been painting for nearly all his life. But for the most part he has been an undiscovered talent.

Well, that is no longer! Through the diligent efforts of Susie Schweppe of Running with Scissors Art Studios, a wide variety of Mr. Nason’s painting are on display at the gallery through March 26th.

Nominated by the 2010 Phoenix Best of Portland as one of the best art studios in town, Running with Scissors is a unique open concept community of 16 diverse artists working in many different mediums.

It was here that Susie observed Mr. Nason up close and developed the plan to get his imaginative work front and center.

First Friday Art Walk

The exhibit, entitled Journey’s to the Interior, features an interesting collection Mr. Nason’s imaginative and personal visions over the last half century. His traditional stills, nudes and faces transition into abstraction and back, creating an unending process of discovery and exploration.

We found the collection to be quite inspiring and there is one item in particular that we know will look good in our home. We encourage you to stop by.

For more examples, you can also visit online at Robert Nason’s personal website.