Portland Maine real estate sales in July 2011 were improved versus the same month in 2010.  Single family home sales were 45 compared to only 23 in the same month of 2011.  Median pricing was $224,000 compared to $208,000 in 2010, representing a increase of 7.6%.

Portland is the largest real estate market in Maine, yet sales activity across the state also showed improvement in July as homes sales were up a healthy 23% compared to July of 2010.

Like Portland, the median price was also up.  The median price of $177,500 represented at 2.9% increase.

Tracking Sales

The graph to the right includes monthly homes sales in Portland since 2008.   July 2011 is the first month this year that exceeded any of 2010 – and July last year was exceptionally poor.  Year to date home sales in Portland are 111 compared to 166 in 2010.  This is a 33% decline in unit sales!

Additional reports and sales statistics are available at Greater Portland Communities.