Technology and globalization are supposed to make modern industries more efficient, but today’s breweries require more people to produce fewer barrels of beer. Moreover, consolidation is supposed to crush innovation and destroy entrepreneurs, but breweries are multiplying, even as sales shrink for most of the popular national brands.

The craft-beer revolution is having a big impact in Maine, as the growth of breweries in our area is setting an example for the rest of the country.  Join Laura at Shipyard Brewery in Portland for a quick review of their latest products and the market at-large.

But what explains the nature of the craft-beer boom? Could it be that the answer is simply very straight forward – craft beer just tastes good!

The Maine Experience

Maine breweries added a total of $228 million to Maine’s economy last year, and employed more than 1,600 workers, according to recent a survey. The estimated total revenue of Maine brewers was more than $150 million in 2016, a 17% increase from 2013.

The growth of breweries in Maine outpaced the growth rate of breweries nationwide five out of the last six years. Before 2007, there were 14 breweries in the Maine Brewer’s Guild. Now there are 82.