Hello real-estate aficionados, Mainers and Maine lovers, MHC fans and cyber passerby’s, I’m Alice. A recent addition to the Maine Home Connection team, I’m excited to go on this journey with you. New to both blogging and real estate, I’m taking this opportunity to expand our collective knowledge on all things Maine and housing.

My background may seem eclectic, but the beauty of marketing is it’s allowed me to follow my diverse interests. From a global athletic brand to an architectural/interior design firm, the magazine industry in NYC, to a Boston securities litigation firm (invest in your future people! 401ks!), I’ve had the honor to work and market for a wide range of companies.

Having followed the idyllic call of Maine life, I reached the pinnacle of #adulting by buying my first home right here in South Portland. I now have the pleasure of marketing homes and assisting others in this momentous process. Hopefully I can help you, and if not, I hope you enjoy my Maine musings! So sit back, relax, and stay tuned for more from me.