As seen in yesterday’s blog by Michael, one of the larger undertakings by Maine Home Connection is working alongside Bob Muller and his conservation development Douglas Ridge. Buzz words like “green”, “sustainable”, “eco-homes” all come to mind when I was first introduced to this project. While they are all accurate, the beauty of Douglas Ridge is also its simplicity; a neighborhood with well-made homes that take into account both nature and natural resources.

Bob did his research to find premier high-performance homes and found Unity. Unity Homes combines tradition and technology from all over the world to create homes that are precision engineered and assembled with the same care as any high-performance product. Coupled with Douglas Ridge abutting 280+ acres of conservation land, it’s a harmonious union.

10 Rose Douglas, the first home in the development, is being built now. It’s an exciting process to watch and if you haven’t already, I’d take a moment to check out our time lapse video. I’ll be following up with a deeper dive into Unity next week.