The Bridge, can nail, cut, and print. Here it is cutting out a window from a wall, ensuring less seams and a more tight home

Last week we were given the unique opportunity to receive a private tour of the Unity factory in Keene NH. Over the past six months I’ve learned and blogged about the technology Unity is harnessing to create sustainable, highly efficient homes, but to see this technology in person was a whole new ball game.

Hundegger; utilizes the CNC programming to precision cut wood

One of the reasons for having a slimmer team in the warehouse is that Unity believes in seeing a house through to it’s finish. This means the workers in the factory who know the literal ins and outs of a home, then go on site to help erect the structure. This not only cultivates a sense of pride of seeing the project through, but it also ensures product quality.

The employees work in tandem with impressive machinery including vacuum lifts, air lifts, the bridge, and the Hundegger. All of these play an important role and were exciting to watch. The top photo is the Air lift in action; this machine can work all night, helping Unity stick to their timeline. Check out the other photos for more details on the benefit they provide. And keep your eye out for the next post focusing on Unity’s environmental practices.