Our second Sustainable Home Event was a success, and many thanks to all who participated. Last week’s forum was our last ‘general session’ as we move forward with more targeted events. Below is a brief synopsis of topics covered, as well as some insight into our April 25th event.

One reoccurring theme was aesthetics. While many become excited at the idea of a high-performance home, others question if a modern design is for them. Contrary to popular belief, not all sustainable homes have to look contemporary. Building a new home offers the chance for exterior and interior designs to highlight traditional home lines and elements. And should you purchase a pre-built modern home, it’s amazing how just a switch of hardware, lighting, and paint can create classic New England charm.

Solar energy is always a topic of interest when it comes to creating a sustainable home, and we are lucky to have solar representatives at these events. Beyond the science and ROI of solar, attendees were curious to learn what site is optimal to include panels to their homes. While it is advantageous to have a south facing roof (designated at 196-degree to ensure solar south) with a 42-degree pitch, most sites come down to the critical component of shade. If trees or other obstructions near by block the sun, then the panels become ineffective. If you have questions about your home, reach out to ReVision Energy for a site visit.

Our sustainable home series has been highly educational so far, and we can’t wait for our next one focusing on panelized, factory, and kit-built homes which is set for Thursday, April 25th 5:30-7:30. We hope to see you there! RSVP now!