Last week Tesla unveiled the third generation of their solar roof tiles. Originally unveiled in 2016, Tesla’s goal is to make a more streamlined roof tile that is able to combine the energy efficiency of solar panels with the necessity and overall coverage of the standard roof.

The new tiles have an updated material and style that is more energy efficient, easier to install, and boast three times the strength of standard roofing tiles. Tesla even states with this latest design you can have a complete roof install done in eight hours. The price is targeted for homes that need a new roof and also want solar. So if you’re looking to just add solar tech to your home, this is not the most cost effective way to integrate. Yet the price comes in under the average price for standard roofing materials. Factor in the energy savings, rebates, and that installation is included in the price- Tesla may have found the perfect combination to get more people to integrate green features into their homes.

We’re always excited to see new innovation in the home sustainability market, and can only hope this idea takes off or inspires other sustainable ventures. Let us know if you hear of any other industry disruptors we should be looking into!