In a world where new “disruptor” companies are changing the consumer landscape – it’s exciting to learn of a new company who is hoping to change the literal landscape around your home. Culdesac is a “post-car real estate developer” that is building car free neighborhoods, something that aligns with our sustainable goals here at Maine Home Connection.

It was interesting to learn how much urban development is influenced by cars; that the number of parking spaces and roadways necessary results in >50% of the surface area of a city to be covered in pavement. In the south, this amplifies the heat within a city – making everyone uncomfortable. With less parking, the development is able to offer more retail, community, and green spaces. There will also be parking surrounding the exterior of the neighborhood for visitors, as well as ride-sharing for cars, and spots to share bikes and scooters within.

Culdesac’s first neighborhood is set to open in Tempe Arizona in the fall of 2020. It is right on the main transit line, and is expected to cost $140 million to build, and will be home to 1,000 residents.

We’re eager to hear how the market reacts to these new developments, and would love to hear if you’d consider giving up your car?