Super Saturday is almost upon us. Also known as panic Saturday, this signifies the last Saturday before Christmas. This year it is expected to be a larger retail boom than black Friday and cyber Monday. While we know that the holidays are more than just a retail frenzy, we are also practical about how much help Santa needs in getting those gifts under the tree.

While the mall can be an easy one stop shop – consider the crowds! This time of year should be joyous and peaceful, not racked with stress. If you’re able, try and shop local for those you love. Maine Home Connection is considered a ‘boutique’ agency because we’re not affiliated with the larger national realtor companies. This means we know how important it is to support other local business. We like to believe that here in Portland, so many shops are giving the same care and focus to their businesses that we give to ours.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of luck, and happy tidings.