As a transplant to Maine, I find amusement in many of the small idiosyncrasies of this state. Living here for three years, and being with a “Mainer” for over a decade, I feel I’ve got a good grasp on the local scene. Despite, or because of this knowledge, I don’t refer to myself as a Mainer. I could be here for the next 40 years and I still wouldn’t be deemed one in a locals eyes. It’s all or nothing – right from birth.

The state known as “Vacationland” takes pride in that which is a permanent resident – to be resilient enough to survive the winter is worthy of the reward of our majestic summers. That’s why I stand by Maine Home Connection. Being a boutique firm means we are locally owned and operated. Many agents in the area may be local, but work for large national firms. We pride ourselves on always being wicked local.

So if you’re in Maine and looking for your new home – go local – go with Maine Home Connection.