Last week we posted about the effects of Covid-19 on the Real Estate industry. Our new realty means things are changing weekly, daily, hourly. In Maine, we have seen the number of showings drop off dramatically, as shown above. In many ways this is not surprising, giving all the things people are faced with today. It also indicates that people are taking social distancing very seriously – and only those who currently truly need a home are setting up showings – whether virtually or physically.

We know that real estate is one of mankind’s three basic needs; clothing, food, and shelter. Having a home to live in is a necessity and while this pandemic goes on – so do our lives. People who were in the process of moving jobs, building homes, who have now lost jobs and need to sell their homes – situations are continuously evolving and Real Estate agents are essential to securing families a place to live and take shelter. So, what is the new normal for going through the home buying process during a pandemic?

The infographic below gives a good sense of how we are using technology to provide homes to clients in a safe and secure manner. We are collaborating with our colleagues that do title and loan work to ensure each step can be performed digitally where possible.

If you have any questions about moving through the home buying process during these times, don’t hesitate to reach out.