Little did I know that almost 2 years ago, when we made our video about selling real estate on Mars, that we would be so far ahead of the curve. Hi I’m Laura Sosnowski of Maine Home Connection and just this week the Perseverance Rover landed on the red planet – so I guess it’s time to seriously move forward with our “satellite” office at the Jezero Crater!

The rover weighs about a ton and is the size of an average car.  While the primary objective of the robot visit is to find signs of past microbial life, we have also been working closely with NASA to ensure that all future subdivisions have access to gravity, water and of breathable air.  The rover is expected to complete its work in one Martian year, extending the entire voyage to approximately 687 earth days.

Yes, there have been past missions to Mars, but this expedition includes many unique and new engineering activities ranging from aluminum wheels to methods of extracting oxygen from carbon dioxide.

While it might be a bit early to start taking reservations for you next home on Mars, we can absolutely help you sell your property on good old Terra. Let’s find time to talk soon.

Until next time, I’m Laura Sosnowski of Maine (and Mars) Home Connection.  Be safe and Imagine More