Interested in getting a quick and accurate evlatuion of your home’s value – that you can trust?

EVA 2.0 is an electronic valuation assistant, exclusive to Maine Home Connection, that has been in development for more than one year.  It is an algorithm, connected directly to the MLS, that evaluates homes sales, market appreciation and assessed values with the goal of producing an objective home valuation that is reliable and fact-based.

In this video, we are providing more details about how it works.  If you are interested in learning more or simply getting a valuation of your home, let me know.

EVA ExampleAutomated Home Value Report

We have been working with a local appraisal company to create a valuation tool that can produce an automated market value of your home that is more reliable and Maine specific than any online AVM.

The link below includes an example. The report is based on actual sales data from the MLS along with statistical assessment and appraisal data.

Le me know if you would like a report for you home, especially if you are thinking of selling anytime soon – or just curious.

Until next time, be safe and … Imagine More!