Have you heard of your Reticular Activating System? Did you even know you had one?

Your R.A.S. is the part of your brain that heightens your awareness of certain things. It triggers the part that sorts and takes in data from your conscious mind and transfers it to your subconscious. Your RAS also acts as a receiver for information that is “tagged” as important and this increases your awareness of certain things.

For example, do you remember the last time you bought a car? You started seeing cars just like yours all over the road.

So what does this have to do with a real estate? The next time you are with people who are having discussions about buying and selling real estate remember RAS seeks information that validates your beliefs. So if indeed a move is in your future, when the time is right I hope that you will consider reaching out to us to help.

RAS is about visualizing what we want and then letting our subconscious and conscious work together to make it happen.

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