You can bring a lot of value to your financial portfolio by becoming a homeowner. A home is usually one of the biggest assets you will have in your lifetime and just like your investments or retirement funds in the bank, the value of your home should be reviewed regularly. Why? Because values increase and decrease over time and knowing how to adjust to those changes is crucial to a healthy portfolio.

To most, reviewing your home’s value is not top of mind – unless you’re thinking of selling. When you have no immediate plans on moving, what could be the point of evaluating your home? There are plenty of reasons – either you would like to refinance, make home improvements, or get a line of credit. Keeping an eye on your value is a great idea and when situations and plans change, it’s good to know the data.

So, how does one review their home’s value? Do you hire an appraiser and spend a few hundred dollars every year? Do you order a home inspector to look around and give you an estimate after each remodel or update? Well – you can do either of those, but neither option will give you data that you can visually interpret and act upon.

The answer is simple: open your monthly home digest from Homebot, our brand-new real estate software. Homebot valuations are based on an algorithm provided by Black Knight, one of the largest data providers in the real estate business. You might have received an email from us recently, packed full of information on your property.

Didn’t receive one? Visit our free Home Valuation Tool to get started.