Interactive Home & Lifestyle Search
Geo-Spatial Maps & Home Search in Real Time

Finding a home is much more complex than just reviewing a list of properties. Understanding different neighborhoods and evaluating them along many different parameters is an essential part of the process as well.

Combining Home Search & Life-Style

Our innovative Maine Lifestyle Home Search lets you visually see the relational perspective between all things important in your real estate decision making process. This geo-spatial map provides details on neighborhoods, schools, services, restaurants, entertainment and many other local amenities and their relationship to the homes you are considering.

Using the Geo-Spatial Map

As you can see the map opens with groups of homes geographically located by town or city across the entire state of Maine. Hover over any green marker and you will see the zip code of the area included. The number of homes for sale within that area is also identified.

To begin customizing your home search, open the Homes tab on the right side of the map. You can refine your search using the predefined selection criteria – or follow the link to the Advanced Search.

Use the Lifestyle tab to select those amenities that interest you. Search schools, communities, shopping, personal services and more in relation to a home for sale. You can easily display a radius around your selections using the distance sliders.

The three most important things to consider when buying a home are Location, Location, Location! Use the Area tab to explore school districts, zip codes, cities and counties and access local demographics.

You can create and save an unlimited number of customized searches. Use the Alerts tab to manage all your searches. Click the arrow to the right of any search to view its properties or make changes.

Creating an Account

Setting up an account allows you full access to all the features of our LifeStyle Home Search, including customized mapping, saved searches and personal preferences.